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C+K Plastics Introduces Bridgette Carrier as Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager

Bridgette Carrier, a four-year veteran of the C+K Plastics team, stepped into a new role as Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager in May of 2018.

Bridgette’s experience with C+K began in project management, where she learned the ropes in everything from customer service, purchasing, and production to operations, shipping, and assisting with the resolution of customer-specific quality issues.

It was assisting with the Conyers acquisition, though, that Bridgette says was her first major opportunity. “Working on the Georgia ramp up helped me better understand our end-use industries,” she says. “Working in Georgia taught me a lot about how thermoforming is used, and how it can support many industries.”

She says that project also taught her a great deal about C+K’s capabilities. The acquisition of several pieces of equipment during her time in Georgia—a five-axis CNC machine and a new twin-sheet pressure former, among others—helped her understand the role each played in the production process.

In her new role, Bridgette will be charged with finding new customers and projects, identifying potential partners and ensuring that C+K meets their thermoforming needs. This in addition to supporting current customers, spending time on the road as the face of the company, building relationships, and being available for problem resolution as needed.

“I think my favorite thing about this job is having a chance to interact with customers,” Bridgette says. “Positive interactions, hearing we’re doing a good job, that’s very rewarding. I also like new product discussions, being part of the design review and engineering calls when we’re quoting new projects.”

As for what makes C+K unique, Bridgette says it’s more than just our 55 years of experience with thermoforming and vacuum forming; it’s the focus on relationships and partnerships. “Even though we’re growing and expanding,” she says, “we have a close-knit team that supports customers well.”

When she’s not on the road for C+K—and with a territory stretching from Virginia through New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania into New York, Bridgette gets plenty of “windshield time”—this Penn State football fan loves to cook, run, and exercise any way she can.

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Photo of Bridgette Carrier

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