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Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is the process of taking a flat thermoplastic sheet and using controlled heat to make it pliable enough to conform to a mold contour by simultaneously applying force and vacuum. Vacuum-formed parts are typically three-dimensional, and finished parts will have the defined shape and detail on one side.

The vacuum forming process is a very cost-effective way to produce large parts, especially for lower-volume applications. Vacuum-formed parts are also commonly used as a replacement for metal or fiberglass, as they offer a durable, lighter weight alternative with far superior economics.

Advantages of Vacuum Forming:

  • Ability to produce both low and high-volume parts cost effectively
  • Low forming pressures mean Inexpensive tooling compared to other processes
  • Less expensive to make part modifications in most cases
  • Fast turnaround times; customers can review sample patterns before creating hard tooling
  • Ability to select a customized surface finish from a variety of patterns and custom laminates

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Please refer to C&K's capabilities page for a list of the materials we commonly work with. If your application requires a material not listed here, please contact us.

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